Children and Family Ministry Handbook



Got a volunteer crisis? Need help choosing curriculum? Wondering how to balance ministry, health and life? This handy handbook offers advice and how-to's on all this and more from seasoned ministry leaders, as well as relatable church life anecdotes.

Chapters include:

Chapter 1: Family & Intergenerational Ministry
Chapter 2: Parents & Guardians
Chapter 3: Children's Ministry
Chapter 4: Preteen Ministry
Chapter 5: Youth Ministry
Chapter 6: Intergenerational Worship & Serving
Chapter 7: Spiritual Milestones
Chapter 8: Disability Ministry
Chapter 9: Curriculum & Ministry Design
Chapter 10: Volunteers
Chapter 11: Marriage & Divorce Ministry
Chapter 12: Crisis & Counseling
Chapter 13: Navigating Human Resources and Organizational Charts in Ministry

Product Details

ISBN 9781501896231
Contributors Sarah Flannery (Author) ,
Publisher Abingdon Press
Pub. Date May, 2020
Binding Book - Paperback