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This free download includes the informational teacher material.  Download this item if you are purchasing the unit by individual stations.

The Christmas Around the World unit uses the Bible story included in Matthew 2:1-12.  Matthew tells us that the birth of Jesus was a world event by including the story of the magi (Gentile astrologers) who had come from the East to Jerusalem looking for the "child who was born to be king of the Jews." They has seen a great star and followed it across countless miles to locate and worship him.

The magi did find the Christ child. They worshiped him and presented him with gifts of great value.

By the end of this unit children will:

hear and experience the story of the magi visiting the Christ child;
experience Christmas customs from around the world;
study the stars and connect to the magi as astrologers of their time;
create gifts to be given to children around the world;
create gifts to be given to shut-ins or to a neighborhood food cupboard.

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