Live it! Making Good Decisions - Download Version



The Live It! series teaches Christian faith skills such as prayer and Bible reading as ways to help tweens face today's issues.  Each book contains six lessons for tweens, plus an optional lesson for tweens and parents to complete together.  Each lesson contains two reproducible pages.  Live It! resources can be used in any order, in multiple settings, any time during the year!  This resource helps tweens in the following ways:

  • Helps build meaningful relationships with family, friends, and, most important Jesus Christ.
  • Helps develop the skills they need to make godly decisions in today's world.
  • Deals with issues tweens face every day.
  • Uses the Bible to help tweens develop an understanding of how their faith impacts their lives every day.
  • Includes multiple learning styles.
  • Contains fun activities to get tweens talking and building skills at the same time.

Titles in this series include: Bullying and Gossiping (9781426740688), Making Good Decisions (9781426740701), Dealing with Anger (9781426740749), and Living Positively in a Media Age (9781426740763).  

Product Details

ISBN 9781426740701
Publisher Abingdon Press
Pub. Date August, 2011
Binding Digital Media