PowerXpress Easter People Download (Leader Materials)



Main Idea
The lives of Jesus' friends were changed on the day of his resurrection. Our lives are changed as we become Easter people through God's grace.

Unit Description
The Easter People unit uses the Bible story included in John 20. John 20 tells the story of Jesus' resurrection. Mary Magdalene first discovers the empty tomb and tells Peter and another disciple. Mary then sees the risen Christ and speaks with him. Later that day Christ appears to the other disciples. Thomas, however, is not there and does not believe his friends when they tell him Christ has risen. A week later Jesus appears to Thomas and gives him physical proof of his death and resurrection. John ends the chapter by stating his purpose in writing his Gospel: to tell all people that Jesus is the Son of God so they too can believe.

Scripture: John 20

Children will:

learn the Easter story as it is found in John's Gospel.
identify ways that people changed because of the Resurrection.
recognize that we can also experience change through God's grace.

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