Gateways to Worship



Here are 52 easy-to-follow "how-to" session plans for introducing young children to worship. Carolyn C. Brown uses her many years of experience as a Christian educator to show

How to use the church school hour to introduce children to worship and to prepare them for the day they will participate in the church's worship;
How to learn and explore the meaning of the Lord's Prayer and other elements of the worship service; and
How to become familiar with the sacraments and celebrate the seasons of the church year.

For every church wishing to make the church school a valuable introductory worship experience for children, Gateways to Worship is the ideal resource.

Product Details

ISBN 9780687140206
Contributors Carolyn C. Brown (Author) ,
Publisher Abingdon Press
Pub. Date November, 2000
Binding Book - Paperback