Eerie shadows, a bump in the night, a dark place… life can be just plain scary.

Meet Devon. Devon is a little boy that introduces readers to his friend Amy the AMYgdala! Amy helps Devon feel emotions, including fear. Through his friendship with Amy, Devon learns that fear helps him stay safe, but sometimes he needs to face his fears.

Adam Hamilton addresses adults’ relationships to fear and faith in his new study, Unafraid.  This companion piece, Eek, said Amy, inspired by Unafraid, gives you a tool to talk to your children about the same issues. Using the character of a little boy named Devon, the book shows children how fear is not always a bad thing; fear can keep us safe and when we face our fears, it can make us stronger.

Bright, colorful, and amusing illustrations will engage children ages 3–7 and make this scary topic more approachable. Additional resources on how to explore fear and anxiety with children are also included.