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Celebrate Wonder is a Sunday school curriculum that engages children’s natural sense of curiosity to help them understand God’s love. It creates a safe environment for kids to ask big questions — helping them explore the Bible in ways that feed their imagination and encourage creativity. Through carefully-selected Bible stories, songs, videos, and hands-on activities, Celebrate Wonder gives children the tools to explore their faith while incorporating it into their daily lives.

Celebrate Wonder All Ages

Celebrate Wonder All Ages has been adapted to make it easy for ministry with children and families to happen in broadly graded rooms, no matter what your church’s current reality is. Whether you’re meeting in person all in one room, sending materials home for families to use together, offering a large group opening and small groups in person or virtually, or hosting an intergenerational gathering for your whole church, Celebrate Wonder All Ages will work for you. 

We’re offering the following resources for use this fall:

Celebrate Wonder All-Ages Kit with DVD:

This kit contains

  • Leader Guide
  • Reproducible Kids Book
  • Class Pack
  • DVD
  • CD-ROM with digital copies of the Leader Guide, the Reproducible Kids Book, and the Class Pack

Celebrate Wonder All-Ages Kit with Videos, Download:

This kit contains

  • A digital copy of the Leader Guide
  • A digital copy of the Reproducible Kids Book
  • A digital copy of the Class Pack
  • Video Downloads

Celebrate Wonder DVD/Video Download:

This item is included in the All-Ages Kit as a DVD and the All Ages Digital Kit as video downloads. These videos are also part of the Amplify subscription.

Celebrate Wonder Annual CD:

Available as a CD or as a digital download

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No expertise required!

Celebrate Wonder was designed to be extremely volunteer-friendly. There’s minimal setup required, and each lesson comes with clear, concise instructions. With only 10 to 20 minutes of prep time, a leader can feel confident walking into class and exciting kids’ imaginations.

Fun, Engaging Videos and Music

Each session’s video features a child as host, making it easier for kids to relate to the day’s Bible story. Add music and movement with the Celebrate Wonder Music CD, music downloads, or music videos through Amplify.

Welcome Video

CelebrateWonder.mp4PLAY VIDEO


Although the content varies according to age level, each session is built using the same key elements: an opening, a Bible story, activities, and a closing. Each session includes a spiritual practice — something simple and tangible that shows how God’s love can work in children’s lives on a daily basis.

  • 1
    The lesson begins with a time for children to enter the space and begin to explore the Bible story through music, independent reflection, and play.
  • 2
    The children will then explore the Bible story in several ways. We encourage you to read the Bible story, retell the Bible story, and watch the DVD. Following the sharing of the Bible story, there is an opportunity for the children to have discussion, ask questions, and wonder together.
  • 3
    There are four activities offered in each lesson. The activities are a time for the children to deepen their understanding of the Bible story through exploration and play. This section of the lesson includes various learning styles and age-appropriate activities.
  • 4
    Each lesson closes with a spiritual practice. Each week the children will be guided through a simple practice to connect with themselves and with God. These practices are intended to be something they can also practice at home and throughout the week.

Adjustable to fit your needs

The lesson plans in Celebrate Wonder are flexible, so leaders can choose activities that best fit the needs of their class. This flexibility also means the curriculum works well with churches of any size. After testing the program with a wide range of churches, we’ve heard repeatedly that this ability to easily customize the lesson plan is one of the features teachers appreciate most.

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The Celebrate Wonder Bible Storybook

A colorfully illustrated children's Bible storybook that will engage the children through simple storytelling and open-ended questions that encourage wonder about the Bible story and make connections between the Bible and their lives. Includes 150 stories!

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