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Yes, We Can Experience Gratitude

by Betsy Parham -

Thankfulness. Appreciation. Gratefulness.


How many times over the last 24 hours have you used or thought about these words? During these last few weeks, words like gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness might seem so far away.


Stop and ponder these questions.


Were you able to have a fresh cup of coffee this morning? Did water come rushing out of the faucet when you turned the handle? When you thought about your family and friends, did a smile come to your face? Are there children and families in your ministry that count on you to provide spiritual guidance for them?


Pause and give thanks for these overlooked blessings.


Congratulations! You just experienced gratitude. Even during these long days of uncertainty, there is gratitude. It is God’s gift to you.


Read aloud Psalm 9: 1-2.


“I will thank you, LORD, with all my heart; I will talk about all your wonderful acts.

I will celebrate and rejoice in you; I will sing praises to your name, Most High.” (Psalm 9:1-2)


What words caught your attention? How does reading these verses make you feel during these trying days? Words like praise, celebrate, wonderful are all positive and hopeful words.


Type or write out the words to this verse. Divide it up in sections. Leave space between each line.


I will thank you, LORD, with all my heart.


I will talk about all your wonderful acts.


I will celebrate and rejoice in you.


I will sing praises to your name, Most High.


Look back at the lines of this verse. Describe how you will thank God. How will you talk about all God’s wonderful acts? How will you celebrate and rejoice God’s goodness? Now, think of ways you will sing praises to God.


Yes, we still need to wear masks to protect others and ourselves. We must practice social distancing. We must wash our hands frequently! Now, go back and read the verse once more. Each line is filled with celebration. Filled with God’s grace and goodness!


This week, be mindful of this verse and these words.


Thankfulness. Appreciation. Gratefulness.


Practical ways to act out your gratitude


-  Take a gratitude walk or ride around your neighborhood or city.


-  Decorate a terra cotta flowerpot as a family.


-  Plant flowers in the terra cotta flowerpot. Surprise someone by leaving the decorated flowerpots on their porch!


-  Write a note to a friend or family member.


-  Ask your church staff for the names of members who need a card or call.


-  Pause and listen to a child read a story to you.


-  Call your parents or your children.


-  Tell your parents and your children how much you love them.


-  Use sidewalk chalk on your driveway to create fun pictures or joyful phrases.


-  Have water play and run through the sprinkler with your family.


Take time to thank God for all the wonderful joys you experience. Celebrate wonder! Celebrate joy! Celebrate gratitude! And, give God the glory and praise for these wonderful acts.



This resonates with me, thank you for this! May I share it with my Sunday school families?
Cokesbury Kids
Yes, of course! :)