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Valentine's Day Family Activities

by Vanessa Myers -

Valentine's Day Family Activities

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate! For those of us serving in Children’s Ministry, we have a great opportunity to help our church families show their love to Jesus, to one another and to the leaders in our ministry. In my church, I like to use this day to help families do some fun activities together to show their love to Jesus.


Create a Love Banner

Gather some colorful construction paper, yarn, hole punch, scissors, crayons, washable markers and Valentine stickers. Adults trace a pennant shape on several pieces of construction paper. Using child safety scissors ask most family members cut of these shapes. On the pennant write out the names of family members and friends you love. Decorate each pennant using a variety of craft supplies. Once the pennants are decorated, punch a hole in the top of each pennant. Add the yarn to the pennants to create a banner. Display the banner where all family members can see it. During the month of February say a prayer each day for each name mentioned.


Love Letters to Jesus

Families can write love letters to Jesus to show their love for him. In the letters, have family members write down why they love Jesus and thank him for all he does for them. Then hang these letters in your home for the month of February. Want a template for a letter? Download it here. 


Hearts of Love Trail

Cut hearts out of red construction paper. Write Bible verses on them that have to do with love. Just write where they come from in the Bible and not the actual verse. Place these hearts around your home for kids to find. When they find them, look up the Bible verses together and write the actual verse on the other side of the heart. Some verses to use: 1 John 4:7, 1 Corinthians 13:4, Romans 12:10, Luke 6:35a, John 3:16, Mark 12:30, John 13:34, 1 John 4:19, 1 Corinthians 13:13.


Valentine Ideas for Your Volunteers

As Children’s Ministry leaders, we like to share the love of Jesus not only with our church families and children, but also to our volunteers. We would not be able to run our ministries without them! Here are a few ways you can show love to your volunteers this Valentine’s Day.


Valentine Cards from You!

Since we wouldn’t be able to run our ministries without our volunteers, take time to send a Valentine cards to your leaders. They will love receiving handwritten notes of appreciation from you, their children’s pastor. Have lots of leaders? Send cute e-cards to them instead! Either way, make sure to let leaders know how much their ministry is appreciated.  


Valentine Candy Jars

Take a Mason jar and fill it with Valentine candy themed candies. Create a tag that says, “Thanks for putting your heart into the (enter Children’s Ministry name)”. Tie this tag around the jar and give to your volunteers. If your church is not meeting in person, make a porch delivery and deliver these treats to your leaders!


Valentine Cards from Kids

Ask parents to help their children make Valentine cards for the volunteers at home. Ask families to mail cards to these leaders. Make addresses available for families to use.


Vanessa Myers - Children's Ministry Director (Dahlonega, GA)



Vanessa, I love these ideas! We are not meeting at church yet and these suggestions are perfectly doable!❤️❤️❤️
Ellen L Mintzmyer
Love these ideas and sharing with parents today. Thank you so much for sharing.