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Valentine's Day 365 Days a Year

by Betsy Parham -

Here it is. Valentine’s Day once again. How can I better show love, interest, and appreciation to the kids and leaders that are in our ministry? As a children's minister, you have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and to love on your congregation through your ministry, 365 days a year. Here are some tips and ideas to help you care for your church all year long.


Care for Leaders


Keep a list of your leadership team handy. In that list, have their name, their children’s ministry task, home address, email, cell and home phone numbers and birthday.


During your quiet time and Bible study, look over your leadership list. Pray for your leadership team each day. Thank God for them. Ask God to give them wisdom and guidance as they serve in the ministry to kids. Tip! Divide up the list of your leadership team to better guide you as you pray for each leader. If one particular leader keeps coming to mind, take time to email, call or text them to say you are praying for them.


Each year, make sure leaders receive birthday cards with personal notes from you. An email, text or call on their birthdays is another way to make sure leaders know they are valued and appreciated, 365 days a year.


Show gratitude for your leaders by sending them Thanksgiving cards. What a wonderful way to remind leaders you are grateful for their ministry and care for the children of the church and community!


Often leaders who teach kids on Sunday or during mid-week activities feel out of touch with the ones in their own adult classes. Make sure class members keep leaders of kids in their thoughts and prayers. Find out the adult Sunday School classes of your leadership team. Create a poster for each adult class. List the names of the ones who teach in the children’s ministry. Ask the leaders of these adult classes to include them in class events/socials. Remind them to pray for them as they minister to the children of the church and community.


Stay in touch with your leaders. Make sure you know if there are illnesses and deaths of family members so you can provide pastoral care and concern.


Care for Kids

Learn the names of all the children in your care. Being able to call kids by name makes all the difference in the world to them!


Work with your leadership team to assist with this vital task. Ask leaders to join you in prayer for the children in your ministry. Encourage leaders to divide up their class list and so all the children in your ministry have adults who are praying for them.


Even in this high-tech world, kids still love receiving mail. Make sure all the children in your ministry receive birthday cards from you. Keep the age of children in mind when addressing and signing cards. For younger children, print names and addresses. Include personal notes and appropriate Bible verses. Add fun stickers or colorful washi tape to your cards to make them fun and engaging. Calling children on their birthdays is another way to show kids in your ministry you care about them.


Have a lunch bunch tour with the school-age kids in your ministry. The first people to contact are parents or guardians so permission can be given for you and some of your leadership team to visit kids during lunch at school. Next, make arrangements with the schools in advance of your visits. While visiting with kids in your ministry take pictures of them and post them on a bulletin board at church. Not only is this opportunity a wonderful way to share your interest in the kids in your ministry, yet it is a wonderful outreach to teachers and kids in the schools.


Stay in contact with your leadership team and families. Make sure you know if there are illnesses and deaths of members related to the children so you can provide pastoral care and concern.


In advance of Valentine’s Day, provide heart-shaped cards for the children in your ministry. When possible, have kids decorate their own cards. Make sure names are on the cards. Place the heart-shaped cards on a visible bulletin board in your church. Ask church members to pray for the children in your ministry.


Shine the light of Jesus

These ideas are simple yet life-changing to kids and leaders. Think of how you feel when someone calls you by name, sends you an encouraging card, or tells you they are praying for you. Now go and shine the light of Jesus 365 days a year! What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.