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Open My Eyes

by MaryJane Pierce Norton -

As we navigate our way through “our new normal” all we want to do is something normal! Here are some options to celebrate this time of the year.


The hymn, “Open My Eyes, That I May See,” is fitting for spring—the perfect time for us to open our eyes and look for God’s work in the world around us. Signs of new life are beginning to appear and the days are getting longer—hope builds for spring. Whether we are still in the midst of cold weather or in a place that never grows cold, this can be a time to use the world around us for worship of God and growth together in faith.



Pick a verse or two of Scripture and make this your family’s theme verse for spring. One to try is Psalm 121:1-2: “I raise my eyes toward the mountains. Where will my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth.”


Recite this together in the morning, while cooking together, or while eating meals. Print the verse and put it on your refrigerator where everyone can see it each day. Remain positive and talk together about the things God has made on the earth for which you are thankful. Say these blessings out loud.



Plant tulip or jonquil bulbs in a flowerpot inside. Before planting, look at the bulbs for signs of life. Talk with children about how something so dead-looking can change to reveal something so beautiful like a spring flower.


If it is time for planting where you live, choose a flower, fruit, or vegetable to plant outside. Together, water and watch over the plants as they grow. Look outside for other signs of new and changing life.



As we focus spring, as a family, look for ways we can give gifts to the world in which we live.


Give a gift to the birds. Place bits of yarn, string, hair, or dryer lint outside for the birds to use for building nests.


Give a gift to the earth. Plant flowers or a tree in your yard, in your neighborhood, or in a park in your community.


Give to others. Take springtime bulbs you have planted and give them to someone who is lonely. Make cards as a family to accompany the flowerpot. Continue to practice social distancing and place the flowerpot and cards on porches. Let the person know to be expecting a gift! Just think of the joy this will bring!



Pray, thanking God for the gift of Jesus and for our opportunities of giving gifts.



Jacqui Horton
Hi Mary Jane, This is a voice from your past, Jacqui Horton (used to be Birt) C.E. in N.C. Now I'm at First Presbyterian Church in Va. Beach, Va. I forwarded your suggestions Open my Eyes to our parents of young children. Particularly good during these pandemic times. Let's catch up sometime. Thanks for your heartfelt, faithful thoughts. Jacqui
Erica Ray
Thank you! The ideas in this blog post are very inspirational!