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Next Steps for Fall Festivals

by Jayne Andrews -

Ready or not it’s time to welcome the fall season.


The change of seasons is generally an anticipated event yet we know the pandemic still weighs heavily on our hearts and minds. Those looming questions are still with us...How should our church move forward with our upcoming Fall Festival... in-person, virtual, or a combination of both? It is important as we think through the next steps and how we will move forward to ask our families what they are comfortable with during this time in our lives. We must look at all details both big and small of how the church can provide the safest environment for all.


Fall Festivals are a wonderful event to actively engage parents with their children as well as all ages of the church family and with the life of the church! It is a way to stay connected with families and the community, providing much-needed family time and fellowship. As Children’s Ministries staff and volunteers, we need to continue to find ways to partner with families and build their faith. Encouraging families to lean on their faith during struggling times is so important.


Fall Festivals can take on many looks


We all agree that we need to be proactive about health and safety at in-person events if that is what has been decided. Keep these vital questions in mind.

  • Does your District or Association Office have specific guidelines for in-person events?
  • What are the specific recommendations from your state/local government for recommendations for church activities?
  • Have you checked back with the CDC to discover any updated information to minimize the risk of COVID-19 spreading at events and gatherings?

If you are thinking virtual here is a different approach:

A Virtual Family, Friends (and Knights too) Dinner at the Round Table is a creative way to tie into the theme of VBS 2020 Knights of the North Castle ~The Quest for the King’s Armor. It works well as a follow-up or a teaser for next year’s VBS.


The first step is to send out royal invitations with details of what the virtual dinner party could look like:

Virtual Family, Friends (and Knights too) Dinner at the Round Table


Hear Ye, Hear Ye... One and all, both young and old. 
Once upon a time, in years gone by, people were gathering for the Knights of North Castle ~ Virtual Family & Friends Dinner at the Round Table. The time has come for us to prepare for the royal fun-filled meal with festivities.

{Add your date and time and RSVP details)


As Royal Guests your family will prepare part of the meal (from the pre-selected menu) and be ready by {insert time of the event} Further information, and instructions will be available upon RSVP! During the Knights of North Castle ~ Virtual Family & Friends


Dinner at the Round Table guests will make the remainder of the meal, as well as receive updates, exciting music and happenings from the church.


Depending on the total number of royal guests, we will group families into virtual breakout rooms for cozier round table gatherings and social interaction.

  • Have fun as you create a time-period menu, drop off or send by mail a special package with some easy table decorations and a personal note from your Pastor.
  • Encourage families to “dress-up” for this royal festival, and as a family prepares the round table. Have virtual special guests appear throughout the dinner party.
  • Possibly include a mission component where together they discover and explore ways to serve others through love and action with God’s strength. Make it an occasion to celebrate and remember God’s gift of fall for each one of us!