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What's New for Cokesbury Kids Fall Curriculum


This past year has been chockfull of changes. The initial shock of it all has begun to wear off, but the wake of the extensive amounts of change have left me exhausted, confused, sad, angry, and hopeful. There is real trauma to reckon with, and there is hope that we will value each other more deeply than we did pre-pandemic. This is true for families, friends, communities, and churches. We learned that we do need each other.

And, it’s all going to be different when we are back together.


That’s why Cokesbury Kids has made some changes to our product offerings. Many of us are having to restart our ministries. Many of us are having to reinvent our ministries. Our aim is to help make this hard work a little easier. Our aim is to provide easy-to-use, adaptable Christian faith formation resources, no matter what your context is.


What’s new or different for fall curriculum?

This fall we will be offering something new and different for our churches, but it will feel normal. We wanted to make things as easy as possible for churches to lead faith formation no matter what coming back looks like. Whether you’re a Celebrate Wonder church or a One Room Sunday School church, this resource is for you. It’s adaptable, thorough, and easy without compromising children's faith formation or spiritual depth.


We’re offering the following resources for use this fall:

  • Celebrate Wonder All-Ages Kit:
    • This kit cntains
      • Leader Guide
      • Reproducible Kids Book
      • Class Pack
      • CD-ROM with digital copies of the Leader Guide, the Reproducible Kids Book, and the Class Pack.
  • Celebrate Wonder All-Ages Digital Kit:
    • This kit contains
      • A digital copy of the Leader Guide
      • A digital copy of the Reproducible Kids Book
      • A digital copy of the Class Pack
  • Celebrate Wonder DVD
    • All-Ages: This item is available as a DVD, digital download, or as a digital subscription. These videos are also a part of the Amplify subscription.
  • Celebrate Wonder Annual CD: available as a CD or as a digital download

Brittany Sky

Editor, Celebrate Wonder Curriculum



Linda Schenburn
Celebrate Wonder Curriculum looks like a perfect match for our church's Multiage Sunday C.E. I am assuming the DVD has a mini video for each Sunday that draws the youth what ever age right into the theme / lesson for the day! We have an exceptional learning environment, which includes a new Computer lab, Drama room, Art room, a Odyssey room where we gather and it contains many centers, green houses, sand table, mini drama stage, cooking center, Science center, A mailbox for each student. music each week is provided by an awesome humble 9th grader under direction of our youth choir dir. As the director of C.E. its essential I have a curr. that has a monthly and Sunday theme, and a framework of learning activities that draws us together into each lesson! We have joys and concerns, Then a youth leader in charge of having the video ready to view and runs it at a moments notice, and youth are assigned to each area, having the computer on, art room supplies ready , etc.most important is your curriculum that is key to the structure and success of our morning! I have a team of teachers, men and women that each one have a Sunday a month all year round, so each child can go out telling the story of Jesus in their own way! The scope and sequence of your curriculum has been key to guiding us 2-3 year plan of content introduced! Thank you Cokesbury and your Leadership Team! We couldn't do it without you! Romeo United Methodist Church!
Need more information. I wanted something like blue—with music and video that goes with the scripture lesson.
Looking for more info on multi age groups SS with video and music linked to lessons.
Mary Alice Gran
Hi Brittany Is there a scope and sequence anywhere for Wonder curriculum? We are using rotation for some elementary classes and would like to use similar Bible stories as Wonder for younger ages. Any help with this would be appreciated. I tried checking the web site but couldn't easily locate any help with this. Thank you! Mary Alice